Welcome to the website of our Akita inu breeding station.

The term ,,Itai Doshin“ means ,,many in body, one in mind“.

We chose this phrase for the name of our kennel because, in our opinion, it describes well the mutual relationship with the Akita. Akitas are very empathetic and can really work on an idea, but it takes time and work together.

Although we have been breeding Akita inu only shortly – since 2019, we believe that even during this time we have gained enough experience and solve various situations so that we are able to answer your questions, advise or otherwise help with Akita breeding.

Currently there is only one breeding female in our kennel. However, we hope that our ranks will grow soon with other great companions.

Our dogs are fed homemade raw food and they spend their days either with us (and the cat) at the family home, work/school, on the garden or, if they can't be with us, in the outdoors pen/paddock.

With our Akitas we do sport cynology – yes even with Akita it's great fun and she/he can be really good! – everything is, of course, a question of motivation.

In the past, we were also doing agility – here the Akita may not stand out for its speed or dexterity, but it is still a beautiful sight and if you are not interested in breaking records, but only in a pleasantly spend time with your partner, we highly recommend this sport...

We are also starting to do canicross – here we had to wait for our dog to grow properly and strengthen the bones, so we are devoting ourselves to it to a greater extent only now.

Our other activities with Akita include hersenwerk and, of course, we also participate in dog shows.

Of course, not everything we would like to tell you about us or about life with Akitas is written here. But in this short introduction, we do not want to overwhelm you, because we believe that in life, spent with dogs, there will always be space to draw new information and stimuli...